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This usually comes from a person, a place, an experience or even a memory – these can be significant or insignificant. 

This part of the process can be an hour from when the idea forms, to years… where it percolates, rolls about in my head, and time and experiences and ideas layer until the perfect design comes to fruition.

For example – The Panda Earrings The Panda Earrings – laughing so hard with a girlfriend that tears rolled down my face, and my husband called me panda because of the hideous mascara circles which had appeared unbeknownst to me! Those earrings were designed and created the very same day – it was an experience I was desperate to capture.

At the other end of the spectrum, is The Stevie Collection. This has been in formation for 2017, with it’s first release in July 2021. And, inspired by the moments in my life that have changed it’s course forever, this collection will continue to evolve.


All pieces are hand crafted to order in Melbourne in one of our studios, using a variety of methods. Alex isn’t classically trained – meaning our designs are unique and crafted through a variety of methods. Both Alex and the team use methods dating back centuries, to modern techniques – the path we choose is determined what will give the best outcome for the piece – it’s got to be aesthetically amazing but also stand the test of everyday life.

We use only the highest quality materials– we don’t take shortcuts to save money, ever. We make slowly, so your pieces will stand the test of time. We reuse and recycle everything, always ensuring the metal is pure and of the highest quality.

Ancient artifacts and gemstones are collected on buying trips, whether that’s overseas or in the Australian countryside.


All pieces are available to purchase here, or if you’re after a bespoke piece, Alex meets with clients in person or via video. We have a select number of retailers around the world; if you are interested in stocking Alex Tempany Jewelry, please contact us.


From our hands to yours – an incredibly important part of the process! All pieces are presented in a gift box, which we recommend keeping to store your piece, alongside a polishing cloth (for solid metals), and always, a handwritten note from Alex.


Every piece will develop it’s own memories with you – we love hearing the stories of your piece (privately or publicly) – if you’d like to share online, please tag @_alextempany & #ATJinthewild.

And of course, your piece needs to be cared for! All care instructions are listed here, and just get in touch if you’ve got any questions (or are just up for a chat!).