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The Stevie Collection

This collection has been rolling round my head since 2017. Sometimes gently, sometimes a little violently. It began when I saw Fleetwood Mac for the first time – I left the concert with tingles running up and down my arms, and felt a bravery and boldness I hadn’t known for a long time. I walked away having made some big decisions, and set them into action.

I designed the beginnings of this collection whilst at that concert – frantically typing notes in my phone and when I got home, the designs onto paper.

It is both beautiful and unapologetic. It represents the bravery I found in 2017. The notion of persistence. Of the shit you have to go through to get to the magic.

The aesthetic is raw glamour. On your body, it will be admired, whilst working as the armour you need that reminds you of your bravery.

The rings are being crafted in small runs – only 3 of each design will ever be created. And, just like those pivotal moments in your life that change your future - once they’re gone, they’re gone forever, leaving the path clear for what’s to come next.