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The Relic Collection

Over 30 years ago, I found a necklace in Dad’s garage. No one could tell me where it came from.

The centrepiece was a statement – to me as a 9 year old, it was full of mystery, capturing stories I would never know. For many years I’ve had this piece hanging on the wall in my home as a piece of art. It was a relic I knew I had to give further life to, but literally this took years.

Last year I finally made this happen. I locked myself away and got to work - The Relic Collection is the result.

The pieces had to be striking, timeless and make people look twice – there is earrings, a bracelet, a cuff and a brooch. This collection is limited – only 2 of each piece will ever be created.

They hold stories of the past, and are waiting to capture yours.