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This journey started when I was a kid, fossicking around in Dad’s garage – finding and fixing things. Finding things felt like discovering old stories. Uncovering their mystery, where they’d been, their hidden beauty. Fixing them was about what they could become and where they’d go.

So although I’ve been designing and creating jewelry since 2001, my passion was born years before that. In 2019, I left my career in marketing and innovation behind to commit to Alex Tempany Jewelry full-time. 

This brand is a testament to taking on hard challenges. There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t have chased this. I knew I had the ability. But I wanted to do something bigger. So, I created a company that empowers others to find their bravery. To live a bolder, more fulfilling life. 

Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia, everything is produced from precious metals, ancient treasures and unique stones. Our focus is on creating pieces from pure gold and sterling silver, in a sustainable way.

You may find that current trends are absent in my collection. That’s because I design to tell stories – both mine and yours. My signature style is textured, sometimes raw – which will always turn heads. Just like the women who wear them. 

AT x