About Alex

What started as a hobby in 2001 grew into an obsession.  So, in early 2019 I left my career in brand management to devote my time to Alex Tempany Jewelry.

In my life I’ve had the good fortune to work and travel the world;  sometimes abiding by the rules and other times taking the path less travelled. The inspiration for my jewelry comes from the people, the moments, and the stories created along that path.

I admire bold, passionate and adventurous women, and am endlessly curious about the moments in their lives which have formed who they are.

The logo was forged from my fingerprint; it represents my story and the hands that design and craft every collection.

Whilst the inspiration for our jewelry comes from my travels, they have been designed to tell yours.  Every piece is handcrafted here in Melbourne to celebrate the stories which make up our lives - the adventures, the fond memories, the highs and not-so-highs, from the everyday moments to the ones that live with us forever.

Our Jewelry is handcrafted for the women who stand strong, smile big and forge their own paths.