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Double Happiness
Double Happiness
Double Happiness

Double Happiness

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18k Gold plated or Sterling Silver, these earrings are made from scratch in Melbourne. They're super light, shiny, and dangly - meaning they picking up the light beautifully. They're equally at home worn with a t-shirt and jeans, or gearing up for a night out.

They were designed by Alex in a bar in Melbourne whilst she was waiting for a friend, on the back of a receipt for 2 beers. "After 35 minutes, I had some great jewelry designs, had drunk both beers, and still no friend. It turned out he was sitting upstairs, wondering why I was so late." That bar is called Double Happiness.

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Product Details:
- Extremely light
- 18k Gold plated (over Sterling Silver), or Sterling Silver
- 60mm tall x 21mm wide
- Click here for care instructions