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What it’s really all about.

Every person in our community reminds me why I do what I do. There are a lot of fond memories I have from colleagues, suppliers and customers from throughout the year - this is one which sums it up better than I can articulate it.

I created a bespoke piece for Mirte a couple of months back, and it simply reminded me about what’s important, and what life is really all about.

Mirte's Story...

“I’ve been living in a state of duality these past few years. On the one hand I’ve felt unimaginable happiness and love and I feel more grounded than ever before. Becoming a mother, falling in love with our son and watching my husband become the most amazing, caring father is something indescribable. Here we are. The three musketeers. F**k what a gift!

But then there was this other side. Due to the pandemic my family and friends, who are back in The Netherlands, did not see me pregnant nor have they ever met our son. When I was pregnant I often imagined what it would have been like to have my parents with me. To pick out baby clothes together with my mum. Decorate the nursery. For them to be around at the birth of their first grand child.

But we put those feelings in a box and pushed it under the bed. Knowing our day would come.

When I spoke to Alex about this story; how I missed them terribly and wished I had them closer. She came up with the idea to create something that would do just that. A piece of jewelry to never take off, keeping them close always. We merged the letters of my parents and my brother, B P and T, and created a seal. 

Yes, I miss them, but the reality is I’m fucking blessed that I have the type of relationship that makes me miss them in the first place. Now, no matter where they are, I feel I have a piece of them with me.”

Just like Mirte's necklace, I can help to tell your story through a Bespoke piece. Get in touch to enquire about 2022 availability. 

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