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Trends are short lived.

“Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever”.
Coco Chanel was a smart woman.

You won’t find current trends in my collections because I design to tell stories – both mine and yours. My signature style is textured, sometimes raw – which will always turn heads. Just like the women who wear them. 
Through Lockdown #1,984 in Melbourne, I’ve been focused on creating new rings. Purely for the reason that we all look at our own hands more than anywhere else we wear jewelry – and damn knows we all need a few more reminders of our resilience and bravery at the moment, me especially.

Take a look. Designed to be worn together (more is never enough, remember?), with your other favourites, or on their own. The call is yours. 

Indivisible 3

Three bands linked together for eternity and a day. A ring I originally designed for my big sister’s 40th - We’re 2 humans who have spent our lives together, love each other madly, and couldn't be more different.

For yourself or someone else that you can't live without. Shop here.

Everyday Ring

This ring is not about celebrating milestones. It’s about celebrating Every. Bloody. Day. At the end of a particularly shitty week (nothing news worthy, just lockdown), this ring was born. A full circle, representing the never ending journey that we’re all on that has had it’s smooth bits, and it’s rocky bits. But everyday, it keeps on going, always beautiful.

For those who like their classics done a little differently. Shop here

The Boundary 

Armour for everyday. Inspired by Japan’s largest castle, Himeji. It has survived bombings, an earthquake and a pile of politics. Everything about this place intrigued me – it’s grandness, it’s beauty, and it’s purpose. This ring was inspired by a particular wall – yep, a wall. Beautifully textured, a wall that keeps everything in that you want, and everything out that you don’t.

For those who want a bold reminder of their boundaries. Shop here
The Hug Ring

Hugs. One of the best things in the world, in my humble opinion. When I think of a hug, it’s rounded, warm, and never ending. And this is how this ring was born – COVID has deprived me of hugs from some of my favourite people. Now, every time I look at my hands, I see hugs.

For those who love their rings, and love their hugs. Shop here.

Shop my full collection of rings here.