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Three Years

Wasabi peas, a hammer, and Richard Branson are all key elements of the story of why 3 years ago, I decided to turn my career upside down.

The reason why I decided to start this business is what keeps me going through the tough times (postal delays, late nights, so much swearing, accidentally stabbing myself with a drill, you name it). So gather around the proverbial fire, boys and girls. ⁠
Thanks to my dad, I've loved making things since I was a kid. We would hang out in his garage, surrounded by tools and treasures and loaaaddddds of broken things like washing machines and typewriters. He even gave me and my sister each a set of hammers for Christmas when I was 15. Fast forward through the years of making jewelry from beads, feathers, chain, you name it, to just over 10 years ago. I went to my first 'serious' jewelry class, and found my happy place. For years this was ⁠a hobby alongside a full time brand management career which I absolutely loved.⁠

3 years ago, I spent 5 days on Richard Branson’s private island. Sharing this time with the people there changed me - some of them incredibly famous, many not at all. And I learned something from all of them.⁠

I left that island feeling braver than I’ve ever felt. It was over a large bowl of wasabi peas and a glass or 2 of chardy in Dallas Airport on the way home, that I decided to quit my career, and devote 100% of my time to this little business. ⁠

That feeling of bravery, and belief in myself is hard to muster sometimes. But when the going gets tough, I give myself a stern talking to, and remember this is right where I’m meant to be.⁠