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The Story of Alex Tempany Jewelry

Why does Alex Tempany Jewelry exist? I thought we'd kick off the first edition of The AT Journal with a bit of an introduction to the story behind the brand.

Alex wearing the Double Happiness Earrings

How We're Telling Peoples' Stories

My approach to Alex Tempany Jewelry is single minded in purpose: that everyone has a story, and everyone's story is worth telling. It's my mission to give a voice to our customers and tell their stories.

"I admire bold, passionate and adventurous women, and am endlessly curious about the moments in their lives which have formed who they are. Every piece is designed to celebrate these journeys - our jewelry represents the adventures, the fond memories, the highs and the not-so-highs. We want our pieces to encompass everything from the everyday moments to the ones that define us. They tell your story"

Our team here at ATJ in Melbourne handcraft every piece of jewelry that you see on the site. We use precious metals, unique stones and antique treasures such as coins to create jewelry that embodies our customers' stories.

You might have seen on our Instagram, that we also make bespoke pieces. I work directly with clients to create custom jewelry - sometimes for a special event, sometimes 'just because'. If you're interested in having a bespoke piece crafted for a milestone in your life, you can reach out here.

Alex in action making jewelry

How Did I Get Started?

Put simply, I bloody love jewelry, and even more so, jewelry with a purpose. I first started creating pieces in 2001 and have been refining this craft ever since. Over the years, it evolved from a hobby, to an obsession, and it is now my full time focus.

Leap Into The Unknown

In early 2019, I left my full-time role, and 15-year career in marketing and innovation to devote 100% of my time to ATJ. It was the attending of a Leadership Gathering on none other than Necker Island, which fuelled this decision.

Through my corporate experience, I'd developed the business acumen and brand building skill set to build ATJ. However, it was the Gathering that gave me the bravery to take the business from side hustle, to full-time project.

The Leadership Gathering

So, what was the moment that tipped me from corporate employee to business owner? I was a part of the Virgin Unite & Business Chicks Leadership Gathering in December 2018, which was a five day opportunity to connect with and learn from an incredibly diverse range of people.

One of the most moving moments from the Gathering was hearing stories from local survivors of domestic violence. This group of incredible women had endured so much, yet rather than telling stories of tragedy, they told of bravery, positivity and sheer resilience.

When we asked the survivors what their greatest need was; it was for a shelter; a safe place where women could receive accommodation, counselling, food and protection.

 Stacked Alex Tempany Jewelry rings

The Range to Tell Their Story

On the journey home, I designed The Pineapples Collection, which was a commitment to contribute to building change for these women. The next week, I resigned from her full-time role, and turned my full attention to this impactful range.

The sale of each piece contributes $50 towards building the shelter. The range tells the story of these women, the one of hope, bravery and optimism. It's not only for them, but every person who wears one of The Pineapples has their own story, and it's a story we want to tell.

My Favourite Pieces

I thought we'd wrap up this intro by sharing some of my all-time favourite pieces from the range. Obviously I'm a little biased and find it hard to choose, but I'd love for you to share your favourites in a comment below.

model wearing pineapple stud earrings

The Pineapples Stud Earrings 18ct Gold Plated

"These earrings represent everything that ATJ stands for – and are guaranteed to start a conversation!"

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model wearing coin necklace

She Who Wanders Statement Coin Necklace

"A piece which represents multiple facets of everyone's story – and is imbued with so much history."

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model wearing silver hoop earrings

The EP Hoops

 "Statement silver hoops are my daily staple!"

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The entire ATJ range can be found on our website and in a selection of retail outlets both in Australia and internationally.

We've got some exciting posts coming up over the next few months, so pop your email address down below if you'd like them delivered to your inbox.