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Living Bravely Leads to a Bolder Life

“What if I fall?

But darling, what if you fly?’

This was the very first thing I posted on Insta when I started full time on the business. I was terrified. But I knew that day if I flapped my wings hard enough, I would fly.

Rewind 5 years. On paper, I had it all – a glamourous (and safe) job, a thriving consulting business on the side, and a teeny tiny jewelry business. I was busy, financially stable, and excited by the work I was doing – but I was too comfortable. And I am a big believer that magic doesn’t happen within your comfort zone.

It was my dream for my little jewelry side-gig to become a thriving company, with me at the helm full time. But I continually talked myself out of it. I had speculated wildly about everything that could go wrong and why it was a crazy idea. It was a Very Scary prospect to be out in the unknown and completely vulnerable.

It was after a trip away with some incredibly inspiring people who made me feel capable and worthy, that I found my bravery. Bravery to believe in myself, and bravery to really jump outside of my comfort zone. It was on a 9-hour stopover in Dallas Airport, with a shitload of wasabi peas and chardonnay, that I wrote a business plan on a scrap of paper for this business. I quit my job 3 days later.


We create jewelry which reminds people to be brave. To step outside their comfort zones and seek a bolder life. Our jewelry tells stories of hard times, of awesome times, of resilience and optimism.

A ‘bolder life’ means different things to everyone. A bold move can be getting 3 kids out the door in the morning. It could be running a marathon or running 2k’s for the first time. It could be a simpler life, having made bold choices. It could be saying Yes! more often.  A ‘bolder life’ means believing in your own capabilities and living a life that is truly authentic.  

Every piece we create encapsulates this belief. Our launch collection, The Pineapples was created to financially support brave survivors of domestic violence. A piece we recently launched, the Hanna Anklet, is about putting one foot in front of the other. The Prophet Ring is a hand beaten band, with the undulating texture literally represents the ups and downs (or ‘the lumps and bumps of the past 15 years of my life!’ as one customer describes it). Our jewelry is armour that reminds you of your bravery that has gotten you through, but also enables you to go after what you’re capable of 🧚🏽‍♀️🖤🔨