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Behind the scenes of a Fashion Week collection.

The past 2 years have been bloody uncomfortable. Obviously for me, and for most people.

As a small business owner (and human being), this has pushed me to the edge a gazillion times – one day, I even cried at a piece of flip chart. But, I’m a huge believer that the greatest magic comes from outside your comfort zone and these ‘unprecedented times’ (cringe) have pushed me in some really amazing ways.


Katherine Gracey of Uniek, is one of those people who got me through. She’s a fellow creative, small business owner and we just get each other. Uniek is a stunning range of luxe loungewear, made in Melbourne. The attention to detail is just that perfect amount of unusual – I love it. Anyway, I digress.

So Katherine called me a couple of months back. We were both in the midst of planning for Melbourne Fashion Week, and she had an idea. By the end of the phone call we had the concept of Uniek x Alex Tempany – 3 timeless pieces of jewelry which capture everything that us and our customers have been through for the past 2 years.


In the weeks that followed, we worked together to refine the designs, bringing together the timelessness and design detail of Uniek’s style, and my raw and unexpected textures. I made samples, and we presented this to one of the stylists we’re working with on M/FW. In one of those magical moments, he was equally as enamoured with this collection, and Uniek x AT earned its place on the runway.

Whilst it sounds easy and glossy when you write 4 paragraphs, let me tell you this achievement is the result of years of blood, sweat and tears for both of us, but yep, it’s been worth it.